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Pre-Planning A Burial: What You Should Consider

Planning a funeral is not something that most people want to do. However, choosing to pre-plan your own funeral is something that can be quite helpful for your friends and family after your passing. It can remove some pressure off of those closest to you and it will ensure that the event is one that you would want. Whether you choose to pre-plan the entire funeral and burial or you just share the main aspects of the how you wish to proceed with your family, there are many important decisions to consider.

As you begin pre-planning the service, there are many ways that you can personalize it, including the:

  • Events- The most common types are memorial services, graveside services, and funerals. You may also want other events such as a viewing, wake, or visitation to be held before or after the service.
  • Location-The most common places for funerals are cemetery chapels, gravesites, funeral homes, and religious places of worship.
  • Burial Plot-You may want to choose a cemetery, including the burial plot. If you don’t already have something chosen, you will want to carefully select the plot and decide if you want to buy multiple plots together.
  • Burial Products-Another consideration is the casket. You can find them in various styles and a wide range of prices. You may also be required to purchase a burial vault and grave liner.
  • Officiant-Who would you like to lead the service? It may be your pastor, a family member, or someone close to you.
  • Participants-Do you have friends and family members that you would like to participate in your service? You may choose to select pallbearers, someone to read the eulogy, a special person to play music or sing songs, or other tributes.
  • Guests-If you want to invite specific people to your service, write their names and contact information so that they are invited by the person that manages your service.
  • Other Elements-You may also wish to make other choices such as the music and flowers you would like, along with additional personal touches such as how you want your service to look and feel.

Pre-planning your burial is a nice way to show your family how much they mean to you. Should you want to learn more about planning your own services contact us for more information.

2 Basic, Yet Vital Questions to Ask When Buying a Casket For a Loved One

Buying a casket for a loved one is arguably one of the toughest, most emotional purchases a person will have to make in their life. However, there are ways to alleviate some of the stress and emotional burden that goes along with this process. Knowing what questions you should ask before buying a casket will help you make a clear decision that you are confident with while simultaneously making everything a little easier for you. Let’s examine two key questions you should ask before buying a casket.

  1. What is the Price of This Casket? Let’s get one of the most basic, yet important questions out of the way first. While shopping around, don’t be afraid to ask the price of the casket you are looking at. Even better, give the salesperson the price range you are working with so they can show you options within your budget.
  2. What Material is This Casket Made Out of? You may already have a material in mind that you want for the casket you are buying. Otherwise, you may be open to several options when looking for a casket. There are many casket material options to choose from that vary in price range and those materials include wood, semi-precious metals, steel, and more. Don’t hesitate to ask the salesperson on advice regarding the best material options that fit your needs.

Looking for more information and advice regarding caskets? Or want to learn about other options including memorials, monuments, and more? Feel free tocontact ustoday.

What Should I Write on a Gravestone?

Once you pick the right gravestone, you are just getting started. It can be even harder to figure out what should be written on it. Whether you are writing your own or trying to symbolize someone that you love very much, it can be quite hard to figure out what to write.

Here are some tips to figure out what you should write on a gravestone.

  • Always include their name, as well as the important dates. Their name (and sometimes maiden name), as well as their birth and death dates are very important to put on a gravestone.
  • Many people like to put a note about their relationship with the deceased. Many like to put loving husband or wife, though good friend, brother, or sister is also common. This can show others how much you love and miss your relative.
  • Bible verses are one of the most common types of sayings that are included on headstones. You can choose any verse from the Bible that means a lot to you and your loved ones. Many write about love, death, and even the afterlife that they are promised.
  • Non-religious sayings include any personal quotes, sayings, and even song lyrics. These can be used to show the bond that you shared with your loved one, how much you cared, or even just something that means a lot to you or the deceased. Poems are also popular!

You can write whatever you want on a headstone. It is often a personal choice and is used to show the world how much you miss that person. Take your time and make sure that you are completely happy before you design the gravestone.

Contact usto help you with your gravestone.

Understanding Your Loved One’s Wishes: What Is Direct Cremation?

In going over your loved one’s wishes, you may discover that he or she has requested direct cremation. Direct cremation is an option for disposition that requires cremation within days, foregoing a funeral service. If you are unsure how to proceed with your loved one’s wishes, these answers to common questions will help you better understand the process.

Why Do So Many People Choose Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation has become a popular option in recent years because it is affordable for the economically-minded. Some people who feel strongly about the environment opt out of cemetery services, and some people simply feel strongly about not wanting to be embalmed.

Can Direct Cremation Include a Service?

Direct cremation does not include a traditional funeral service, but this does not mean you cannot hold a memorial following cremation. You can hold a memorial at any time with a cremation urn of your choosing, allowing you to customize the service on your own timeline and budget.

Do I Need a Casket for Direct Cremation?

Typically, direct cremation calls for a container that is simple and plain. It is more affordable than most caskets, which makes this a tempting choice for somebody planning services in the hope that family will not be expected to foot a large bill.

How Do I Plan a Direct Cremation?

In planning a direct cremation, you may work directly with a crematory for everything from transportation to obtaining a death certificate. You may also choose to work with a funeral home or funeral planning service as well.

Can I Still Use a Cremation Urn?

Absolutely! There are so many beautiful cremation urns available for those choosing this option for themselves or a loved one.

There are so many reasons why people choose direct cremation, many of which are personal. If you still have questions about direct cremation, feel free to contact us for compassionate and informative answers.

Tips for Being a Pallbearer

Being asked to be a pallbearer is a great honor. They play a big part in a memorial service, helping to celebrate the life that was just lost. If you were asked to be a pallbearer, you can’t just show up and stay for the service. You have a much bigger job.

Here are some tips for being a pallbearer.

Be there early. You can’t just show up on time for the service. You should plan on showing up at least a half an hour early unless you are told to come earlier. This gives you time to get directions from the funeral director so you know what you have to do.

Dress for the occasion. You want to be respectful so you should wear appropriate clothing. Men should wear nice suits while women should wear dresses that are conservative, as well as shoes that you can walk in.

Stay with the hearse. Even though funerals can sometimes be a place to catch up with old friends and family, you need to wait until you are finished with your duties. Stay with the casket at all times. You don’t want to hold the service up because you were not where you needed to be.

Walk slowly and carefully. Carrying a casket can be a bit awkward so it is important to walk slowly and in the same beat as the other pallbearers. You should be especially careful at the cemetery where the ground may be uneven, wet, or even slippery.

Plan on staying awhile. Your help may be required after the service so don’t make any plans right after. Instead, wait until you are dismissed to leave.

Being a pallbearer is a great honor and you should do everything that you can do to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Arrive early so that you know what you need to do and then be sure to follow along so the funeral goes well.

Contact usto help you give your loved one the memorial that they deserve.

Tips to Choosing the Right Pallbearers

When planning a memorial service, there are lots of decisions to be made. This time is typically difficult (especially when the death is unexpected), making decisions harder than they need to be. Many things need to be taken into account with funeral services and one thing that is often forgotten is the pallbearers.

You should always choose pallbearers carefully. Six people are usually required, though there are times when you need more or even less. You can also have honorary ones, who are unable to carry the casket. They can just walk with the casket.

Here are some tips to choosing the right pallbearers.

Relatives. The most common pallbearers are relatives. Siblings and adult children are usually asked first. Grandchildren, nieces, and nephews can also be pallbearers.

Close friends or colleagues. Many times, close friends will step in to carry the casket when family is not available.

Physically fit. Caskets are not light so you have to be sure that the people that you ask are able to lift the casket, while walking on uneven ground. Steps may even be involved.

Ask your family. When deciding who to ask to be a pallbearer, you should ask your family. You want everyone to be happy with the choice. You don’t need any negativity at the memorial service.

The important thing is that you want your pallbearers to be people who were important and loved by the deceased. You want people who are going to honor the deceased by being there for them, any way that they can.

Contact us to help you give your loved one the memorial that they deserve.

Best Places For Memorial Benches

One of the best things that you can do for your loved one is to remember him or her. Though most people remember loved ones by talking about them and keeping them close to their heart, more and more people are looking at memorial benches in order to share their love.

Once you decide to buy a memorial bench, you then have to decide where to put it. Here are some places to put your loved one’s bench.

Benches are always appreciated at any picnic areas. You may find some popular ones in parks and along hiking trails. Benches are also nice beside creeks and lakes. If you live by a scenic lookout, this could be a perfect place for a memorial bench. If your loved one loved nature, any of these could be perfect.

If you have a nice zoo or amusement park that your loved one like to visit, you might want to talk to someone about placing a bench there. Golf courses sometimes also have memorial benches if your loved one was a golfer.

You might want to think about donating a bench at a botanical garden, greenhouse, or other outdoor flower exhibit if your loved one enjoyed gardening and flowers.

Many people like to place benches in the cemetery so those visiting can sit and enjoy this time with their loved one. With a little thought, you can probably find the perfect place for your bench. Almost any place would work.

If memorial benches are not your thing, you can donate trees, picnic tables, playground equipment, bike racks, and much more. These can be placed all around your city or town to help your whole community remember. There are also many foundations that you can donate some money to, in honor of your loved one. Whether they wanted to help children, animals, those in the military, or anything else, you should have no problem finding the perfect way to remember your loved one.

Contact us to give your loved one the burial or cremation that they deserve.

2 Tips on Finding The Right Casket For The Right Price

Finding a casket can be a tough and emotional process and when you factor in the cost element, it can be even tougher on people. Fortunately, when you are able to work with a compassionate and caring casket company, you can be guaranteed that you are working with people who have your best interest in mind. And if you are looking for a casket for a certain price, they will help you do that! In this post, let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you find the right casket for the right price.

  1. Don’t Rely Solely on The Funeral Home: The biggest mistake most people make is relying completely on the funeral home to find a casket. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, you will want to look beyond the funeral home. Some examples of where to look include casket companies, online stores, and independent retailers. You can usually get a better deal and a better quality casket.
  2. Explore The Different Casket Options: Caskets that are made of different materials have different price tags, so it’s worth exploring a few options. A metal casket could be anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 dollars while a traditional wood casket could be less expensive. If you want something in the middle as far as price goes, you could check out green caskets, fiberglass caskets, and caskets made of other affordable, but high quality materials.

Looking for more tips on finding the right casket at the right price? Contact us today!

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Questions to Ask About Gravestones

Choosing a gravestone can be difficult. There are so many options and then you have to decide what to write on it. By asking the right questions, you will be able to make an informed decision, picking the perfect gravestone.

Here are some questions to ask about gravestones

  • What is it made of? Though most headstones are made of granite, bronze is also a popular choice. Though the cemetery may have regulations which determine which you use, both will give you and your loved ones a beautiful memorial for years to come.
  • What is the difference between bronze and granite headstones? Both bronze and granite make beautiful gravestones so the choice is really up to you. They are both made to last. The major difference is that bronze headstones are easier to maintain at the cemetery, making them a popular choice.
  • What is the price? Even if price is not a problem, it is really important to compare gravestones based on price. You don’t want to get the cheapest one but you don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive. Find something that you can afford, that will last for many years.
  • Can you pre-order gravestones? Gravestones can be pre-ordered. This allows you to pay for the stone at today’s cost, instead of the cost in the future when you need it.

It can be hard to buy a gravestone. There are so many choices and that doesn’t even include figuring out what to write on it! Look at many different options until you are sure that you are happy. Then, make sure that you contact the cemetery to ensure that you are following all of their rules.

Contact usto help you find the perfect gravestone.

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3 Ways to Remember a Loved One after a Green Burial

Natural, or green, burials, have developed some steam over the years. If your loved one has requested a green burial in which they are buried without a traditional casket or stone, this does not mean that you cannot still find ways to remember him or her. These tips will help you create a memorial that speaks to your relationship and your loved one’s wishes.

1. You can still hold a funeral.

A green burial does not have to mean that you do not hold a funeral. You can still opt to use a casket and other funeral services during this time. A casket can be cremated, even if your loved one has chosen to be buried in a green space without a traditional container.

2. You can put a memorial stone somewhere else.

Even though green cemeteries do not typically allow memorial stones in place, you can still purchase a stone to place elsewhere, whether it is in a traditional cemetery or in a backyard. It is often helpful to have a place to go where you can reminisce about your loved one, and a monument may be the best way to do this.

3. You can pay for a memorial bench.

It is common for parks and other public spaces to allow individuals to purchase memorials for benches. Your loved one’s bench will provide a place to sit and remember him or her, and you can even place a plaque at the site. If you don’t have a public space in your area, you may choose to purchase a bench, plaque, or stone for your own property.

It is not uncommon for families and friends to combine traditional and modern funeral techniques to create a memorial or funeral that everybody is happy with. A green burial is a great way to show love for the environment, but this does not mean you do not have ways to create a memorial for your loved one as well. If you have questions about caskets and memorial stones, contact us today to learn more about your options.

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