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Signs That Your Loved One Is Still With You

Many people are lost when they lose someone. They spend a lot of time grieving, instead of really living. They struggle without them by their side. However, most people believe that death is not the end. They look for signs that their loved ones are still with them.

Here are some signs that people believe in.

Many swear that they can feel their loved ones nearby. Sometimes they feel them in the beauty of the outdoors or in the wind on their face. Sometimes sun on a cloudy day can make them remember. Rainbows are another common thing that people take as signs.

Birds commonly bring peace to their loved ones. Many people swear that, after they lose a loved one, they see a cardinal or another bird every day (or even several times a day). This can give them great closure and make them feel like they are not alone.

Butterflies and other bugs are also seen as signs. I know many people who love to see fields of butterflies while another kept seeing ladybugs which made her think of her lost child.

Many dream of their loved ones and feel like they are trying to tell them that life will be alright. They wake up sad, yet with a hope and peace that they couldn’t find before.

No matter what you believe, when you lose a loved one, it can be heartbreaking. You may struggle with depression. It may help if you find signs that make you feel like you are not alone.

Many people seem to be able to feel their loved one with them. A rainbow, the sun, or even the wind might remind them of their love. Birds, butterflies, and even ladybugs can help you get through this rough time. Others wait for dreams to give them some closure.

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Customizing A Memorial

The final memorial of one’s life should be as unique as the life being remembered. It is not uncommon for burial planning to be accompanied with the question if customization is possible. With the assistance of new technologies, it is possible to have monuments feature a custom image of your own choosing.

Urns: Many beautiful urns already feature exquisite etched patterns. Custom engraving can further personalize an already lovely memorial. Available in marble or brass, the personal choice of interring cremation remains in an urn can create a stunning memorial.

Monuments: Granite monuments are available in almost limitless possibilities. For example, choose from a selection of traditional upright memorials of various shapes and sizes, granite/bronze plaques, or benches. An image and message of choice can be created through a computerized rendering that is then transferred to the monument by a skilled craftsman.

Laser Etching:Laser etching is just one technology option for customization. It works well for large, detailed images. Sharp contrast can be created with choices like black granite, delivering a final result that is quite striking.

Traditional Engraving: Engraving is the most common form of transferring images and messages onto memorials, urns and monuments. This technique can also re-create complex images. Regardless of color choice, engraving patterns are filled in with contrasting colors to create a final message that is clear and easy to read.

Preparing for a future memorial is a gift of peace of mind that a person gives to themselves as well as their loved ones. Loved ones who are in the midst of grief are not uneasy about making decisions on behalf of their loved one. Final wishes have already been determined. For more information on your pre-need funeral arrangements, pleasecontact us. An experienced staff member is available to answer your questions.

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Donating an Urn to a Needy Family

If someone loses a loved one and can’t properly lay them to rest, the overwhelming sorrow can escalate and become unbearable. However, families can’t always afford to bury a member who has passed away. If you know of such a family, consider donating a cremation urn to them. If you can’t afford the cost, ask others you know to chip in to help buy one for the person in need.

Stories About Donations

— At the end of 2016, according to WKBN First News, several community churches secured a donation for a mother who couldn’t afford an urn for her two murdered sons. The boys died in 2015 within six months of each other. Their mother kept her sons’ ashes in a cardboard box after the tragedy. The donation acquired through the churches allowed the boys to rest in peace in a companion urn.

— In 2016, according to Cleveland 19 News, a mother lost her 21-year-old daughter to addiction. She told the reporter that parents don’t think to save up money to pay for a child’s death. In her grief, she turned to an online support group for help. Afterward, she decided to give back by helping another family, with a young child, pay for an urn when the child’s father unexpectedly passed away.

Giving to those who are in need, especially in times of grief, is one of the most generous and compassionate things that you can do. For information on memorial urns, please contact us today. We’ll help you select an appropriate brass or marble urn to donate.

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Three Tips to Buying a Casket

Buying a casket can be a difficult decision, especially if you are buying one for a last-minute and unexpected funeral. There is also a huge difference in price. They range from five hundred dollars up to several thousand. When choosing one, you may also be conflicted between pride and guilt, depending on your budget. For this reason, it is better to preplan so you can take your time to find the right casket.

Here are some tips to choosing the right casket.

Look around. There are so many different options when it comes to choosing a casket so it can be helpful to actually go to a funeral home and look at the differences. Look at the options that are available so that you get exactly what you want.

Look into the laws in your area. There are some places that require sealers, liners, or other special devices on caskets. Some sales people who don’t know the laws may make you believe that you need to spend extra money on this.

There are some independent companies that sell caskets and it might not hurt to shop around. Caskets are like everything else. It never hurts to shop around until you find the right price.

Finding the right casket is like everything else. You need to look around and see what is out there before you start looking. Also, don’t hesitate to price shop. You might be amazed at the differences in prices when it comes to caskets. After some careful consideration, you will find what you need at the price that you can afford.

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Premium Texas Caskets

While nobody enjoys thinking about the end for themselves or a family member, that time comes for all of us. For some reason that researchers have not yet quite pinpointed, the average age seniors pass in the US has been stable or declining over the last decade. That contrasts to a rapidly rising age rate previously. Unfortunately, that means more people are passing younger and we all have to think about this issue sooner. There are several options for Texas caskets to be considered.

Firstly, people should be aware that the worst time to buy a casket is the day before the funeral. Instead, the casket user might actually want input into what it looks and feels like where they will be laid to rest. Naturally, that means the purchase should be ahead of time. In addition, the earlier the purchase, the better price. The final price will be locked in even if the individual lives on for many more years. That makes the whole experience much less expensive for the heirs as well.

There are three major types of caskets. These include steel caskets, semi-precious metal caskets and wood caskets. Each type has a different look, feel and price point. It is all based on personal preference which to choose. In any case, a premium provider will make sure that the caskets are high quality and delivered on time.

National Memorial Planning is a leading burial planning firm, serving Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas families. The company has lovingly provided caskets and cremation items since 1993. National Memorial Planning has helped thousands to make their final resting a dignified affair while not breaking the bank. For more information, please contact us.

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A Loving Gift: Donating a Memorial Headstone

We all need closure when a loved one passes. Sometimes families aren’t in a financial position to afford a proper memorial, and it can devastate everyone involved. If you’re aware of a family that needs help, consider combining your money with that of your friends and relatives to procure a memorial headstone for them. It’s one of most loving gestures that you can undertake.

Headstone Donations

* In early 2015, a family living in Indiana received the gift of a memorial headstone for their son. According to 14 News, the parents commented in an interview on what they would do if they won a lot of money. They stated that they just wanted a headstone for their boy’s grave. Others saw the story and gathered together to raise the necessary funds. The child’s mother said, “It’s better than what I even dreamed of.” When later asked what he would do with a lottery win now that his son had a headstone, the father said he’d lend a hand to others who couldn’t afford a headstone for their lost children.

* Toward the end of 2016, in Wagoner County OK, locals gathered together and raised funds to donate a headstone for a child’s dog killed by a bow hunter. When it happened, they heard the dog crying and saw that he had been shot. He passed away almost immediately, breaking the hearts of the entire family. According to News On 6, the 12-year-old child is a cancer patient, and Tank was her therapy dog. Whether human or animal, the loss hurts, especially when a child feels that loss. The girl’s grandfather said of the donation, “There are a lot of loving and compassionate people.” Instead of reporting the hunter to the police, the grandfather felt that seeing his granddaughter’s tears punished the man enough.

Please help a family in their time of need with the gift of a memorial headstone. For more information about memorial headstones, contact us today. We will assist you in choosing a headstone that lovingly honors a dear one.

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The Story of a Life: Memorial Headstones

Everyone has a story. A story of who they are. A story of who they love. A story of who loves them.

When loved ones are no longer with us and are unable to tell their stories, their memorial headstones are an enduring way to show who they were and what was important to them. More than just a name and dates, memorial headstones give us a glimpse into the stories of a life.

Everyone has a style all their own and their memorial headstone should reflect that. With several color choices in the highest-quality of granite, the memorial headstone design can be pretty, elegant, or stately.

Custom Scenes

Perhaps your loved one was a dedicated fisherman. Or maybe they loved horses. Or nature. Our granite memorial headstones can include custom scenes to honor the individuality of your loved one. We will work with you to ensure that your vision for the memorial headstone becomes a lasting tribute to your family member or friend.

Meaningful Quotes and Phrases

Is there a favorite quote or scripture that was meaningful to your loved one? Maybe a phrase they liked to use, something you will always associate with them. Words have the power to reveal who someone was and to comfort those who remain.

Memorial Portraits

Granite memorial headstones can also include a portrait in color, sepia brown, or black and white. Portrait shapes can be oval, rectangular or even heart-shaped, circular, or dome-shaped. Let this special portrait show the curve of a smile or twinkle in the eyes of this person who you will always remember.

Everyone has a story. What story do you or your loved one want to tell with a memorial headstone? Contact National Memorial Planning for assistance in designing the memorial headstone that tells the story of a beautiful life.

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Five Tips For Giving a Good Eulogy

Being asked to give an eulogy is a special thing. However, it can lead to a lot of pressure. You want to be able to tell everyone why you loved that person and why he or she was special. You may struggle with what you want to say or what you should leave out.

Here are some tips to give a good eulogy.

Remember it is not about you. It is a gift to be asked to give a eulogy. You were an important person to the deceased and people know that.

You may cry and there is nothing wrong with that. You may even want to be prepared to cry and struggle with your speech. It is very common and no one will fault you for it.

It is alright to make everyone laugh. Memorials are about remembering someone. If you have a funny antidote which might make everyone smile or laugh, go ahead and tell it.

Write it down so you don’t forget it. Because of the nerves (and tears), it can be easy to forget your speech. For this reason, it is important to have it on paper.

Work with the time that you are given. You may be told that you have a certain amount of time to speak. Use the time wisely but don’t go over.

It can be really stressful to find something meaningful to say about someone in their eulogy. However, remember that you are not doing it for you. You are doing it for the family and friends who are left behind. It is important to write it down in case you have trouble with your speech because of nerves or tears. No one will think any less of you! Speak from the heart and everyone will be listening to your kind words.

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Gone But Not Forgotten

When a loved one passes, it sometimes feels like the world should stop, even if just for a moment, in remembrance. Doing something that will memorialize that family member or friend can often help to soothe our sorrow. A beautiful bench is one such memorial.

In 2015, in Tehachapi CA, two memorials were generously donated in honor of a beloved nurse who had worked for the school district there. Both of the benches display a plaque with a heartfelt dedication. Her husband said, “She’s sitting right here,” as he patted an empty spot on one of the benches where he and his daughter sat. The memory of their loved one will live on for all who sit on those benches for years to come.

In 2016, at Winters Mill High School in Westminster Maryland, “The Best Buddies Club” presented a memorial bench to the school in memory of two students who had been friends there years ago. The organization promotes friendships between students with disabilities with students without disabilities. The former president of the club stated, “Hopefully, people will see the bench and be reminded how we all need each other.”

In 2017, in Panama City FL, a bench was lovingly placed near a beautiful fountain to honor the memory of a family’s young son. The boy recently passed away due to a heart defect. The bench displays the boy’s favorite Bible verse and his engraved picture. His mother told a reporter, “It’s a great place to go to remember.”

All of these special memorials have brought joy and comfort to the family and friends of loved ones who have passed. For information on memorial benches, please contact us today.

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The Art of Remembering: Finding the Right Monument Company to Honor Your Loved One

Have you ever asked yourself why you visit your loved one’s gravesite? Does the visit help you to cope with their death in some way? Does being close to the last known physical reminder of your family member or friend bring you a sense of peace and comfort?

The answers to these questions would certainly run the gamut of emotional explanations and would be different for everyone. However, for many of us, the grave is a place to say goodbye for the last time, to feel as though we are in the presence of those we lost, and to, in some way, still talk to those you love and miss.

The power of the grave is immeasurable for many to begin and carry on a healing process to deal with the pain of loss, and it is important to take time to consider the design of the site. This begins with finding the right gravestone to honor your loved one. Designing a headstone is an art, and it takes choosing a great monument company to help find the perfect one.

Before meeting with a monument company designer, you should speak to the cemetery and become familiar with any restrictions they have on markers. Some cemeteries will only allow certain types of material for their markers and could even have restrictions on the size of each monument.

There are several choices for the material of the headstone such as marble, granite and bronze. Most of these are considered durable and would last for hundreds of years. However, some will turn colors faster than others.

As for the design of the marker, think about certain hobbies or interests your loved one had that could be incorporated. Also, if they had a favorite scripture or epitaph, you could include that as an inscription on the headstone. To finalize the design, a beautiful and familiar picture of your loved one makes this marker a unique and endearing reflection of his or her personality.

The goal of any monument design is to create a lasting and pleasing memorial that will offer comfort to anyone who visits. When you can look at the monument with a smile of remembrance, you’ll know you have successfully designed a memorial that exemplifies the life and legacy of someone you loved.

Please feel free to contact usfor help in honoring the memory of those you have lost during your difficult time.

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