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Tips on Planning a Graveside Service

When a loved one dies, you can choose to have a graveside service, which is simply a funeral service held at the grave, the site of burial. You can either have a graveside service as a stand-alone ceremony, or it can be conducted after a traditional funeral service held at home, church or a funeral home.

If you are planning a graveside service, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you let people know if its a private ceremony

If you are having a graveside ceremony, make sure you let people know clearly whether it is open to all, or only meant for close friends and family members to attend. Especially if you are having a graveside service after a traditional service, people will assume that its open to all if you dont make your announcement. People will understand if you prefer to keep the graveside service a private event.

  • Know how a graveside service differs from a traditional funeral service

Planning a graveside service isnt the same as planning a normal funeral ceremony. For instance, you wont require pallbearers, and by the time attendees have arrived, the casket is usually already in place. In most cases, viewings are not allowed, or if allowed, it is only for a brief period. Only one eulogy is delivered in most graveside services, and live music isnt necessary. Flower arrangements are also minimal or not present at all.

  • Graveside funeral services are highly cost-effective

If budget is an issue, then you can benefit greatly from having just a graveside funeral alone without having a traditional funeral service. For instance, you can cut costs by not having to rent a funeral home or hire catering. You also dont have to pay money for renting limousines, musicians, etc. as these wont be necessary.

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