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4 Interesting Facts About Funerals


Funerals are something that no one likes to talk about. Whether it is pre-planning your own funeral, or someone else’s funeral, or just the topic of funerals in general, it is often considered an uncomfortable subject. Since it is hardly talked about, the topic of funerals has become shrouded with misconceptions and mysteries.

There may be a lot of facts about funerals that may surprise you. Here, we talk about some of these interesting facts:

  • Flowers were meant to bring goodwill in the afterlife

Today, flowers are brought to funerals as a symbol of sympathy, to show the family of the deceased that we are sorry for their loss and we are grieving with them. However, in the olden times, people brought flowers so as to promote goodwill in the afterlife to the spirit of the deceased.

  • Loud music to keep evil spirits at bay

An Irish wake is often associated with loud music being played. This was originally done because in the olden days, people believed playing loud music would keep evil spirits at bay. In addition to this, it was an opportunity to confirm whether the deceased was really dead. If not, they believed the loud music would wake them up.

  • Nine states require you to hire a funeral director

In the U.S, all fifty states, except for nine, are free to conduct funerals on their own without being required to hire the services of a funeral director. These nine states include Connecticut, Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, and Nebraska.

  • A wooden casket isn’t your only option

Since most funerals have a wooden casket in the U.S and it is the most commonly used for burials, many tend to think that burying the deceased in wooden caskets is the norm. However, you can choose other options such as willow and bamboo caskets, and even coffins.


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