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4 Places to Scatter Ashes


One of the biggest concerns that people have whose loved ones are cremated is what to do with the ashes. Many often choose to keep them in an urn and place it on the mantelpiece or shelf, while some people choose to scatter them. Cemeteries also allow cremated remains to be buried. 

If the deceased had not mentioned before their death where they would like their ashes to be scattered, you can choose to scatter them in any of the following places.

  • Private property 

Scattering ashes on private property such as your garden or farm is a common practice. However, in some states, you need to get a permit first before you do so. This is a meaningful practice for many since, in a way, it means that your loved one is always with you, or at a place which mattered to them. ·

  • River or ocean

Bodies of water like rivers, ocean, as well as lakes and streams,  are also popular choices for scattering ashes. If your loved one was a free spirit or someone who was a nature lover, scattering their ashes into such bodies of water would mean that they are finally free to go where the flow takes them.

  • National park 

You can even scatter ashes in national parks, but you will have to get permission from the National Parks Service. With each park, the application form will be different. Make sure that you don’t scatter the ashes on mountain tops, where ecosystems are more fragile. Even though ashes are not harmful, it’s better to scatter them further down over a large area.

  • Overseas 

If you plan to scatter ashes overseas, for example in a country your loved one adored, make sure to find out what kind of regulations the country has on scattering ashes. Remember to get in touch with the airport and consulate first to ensure which documents are required. 


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