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A Guide to Pre-Purchasing Cemetery Plots

Death is something none of us wants to plan for, but pre-purchasing cemetery plots for burial has plenty of benefits. Not only does it save your loved ones plenty of trouble in planning your funeral after you pass away, you also have the option of choosing the exact plot you want your remains to be buried in.

There are different types of cemetery plots, also known as funeral plots or burial plots. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Single plot, which is a burial plot meant for a single individual.
  • Side-by-side plot, which refers to two plots which are located next to each other for burying two people, usually couple. They are also known as companion plots.
  • Double-depth plot, which is burial space for two people to be buried on top of each other.
  • Private estate, available in some cemeteries, allow you and your family to be buried in a reserved private space.

When you purchase a plot, it doesn’t mean that you are purchasing the land itself, but rather the right to buried in that land. This is referred to as interment rights. The rights holder, through written permission, can also have someone else buried in that plot of land.

In most states in the US, the price of funeral plots vary from $1000 to $5000. Of course, there are plenty of other factors at play apart from the state in which you buy the plot. The type of plot you buy as well was when you buy can affect the price. Pre-purchasing often has lower costs compared to the inflated prices you can expect years from now.

Additional costs

There are several additional costs you will have to consider as well such as a grave liner, installation of the headstone or monument, endowment care, opening and closing of the grave, annual maintenance fees, etc.

In the US, once you purchase a burial plot, you have the rights to be buried in it indefinitely. However, there may be variations from state to state.


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