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Funeral Dressing Etiquette

A funeral is a solemn service where people offer their last respects to the departed soul. You attend a funeral to offer condolences. It is advisable to dress modestly and conservatively. The purpose of dressing at a funeral is not to call attention towards yourself due to your attire.

Basic Etiquettes

Wear conservative colors and styles. Wearing all black is not always necessary. Simply wearing dark solid colors can also suffice. Avoid all bright colors or prints such as bright floral prints or wild prints.

Dressing Etiquette for Women

Women attending a funeral service can wear blouses and skirts. Dresses and pantsuits that don’t accentuate curves, legs or cleavage should be worn. Showing off too much skin in the form of plunging necklines and short hemlines is usually not acceptable. Wearing minimal accessories is another dressing etiquette that should be followed. It is advisable to wear low heeled shoes or flats. Keep the hairstyle and makeup natural and simple.

Dressing Etiquette for Men

Men should not wear a graphic or printed T-shirt to a funeral service. A conservative suit is an appropriate choice for such occasions. Men can also wear pants with a blazer or just a buttoned shirt with slacks. Men should avoid wearing a sports cap. Anything that is conservative and doesn't draw attention can be worn. Also keep the hairstyle simple. Usually pall bearers are asked to wear certain attire.


Although a person is expected to dress in a conservative manner, there can be religions or cultures that follow a different set of rules and dressing norms pertaining to a funeral service. If the deceased person belonged to a culture that is totally different from yours and you are unsure about what to wear, it is a good idea to ask. Some cultures consider a funeral as a celebration of life where the family of the deceased may even ask people to wear festive clothing.

If the deceased person was a veteran, then a military uniform can be an acceptable dress code for the funeral service if currently active in the military.

Dressing appropriately for a funeral shows respect for the deceased while preventing undue drama.


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