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Top 5 Most Appropriate Flowers For Funerals


Flowers are an important part of a funeral, mainly because they hold so much meaning and significance. Based on how you want your loved one to be remembered, to symbolize a certain trait that they were known for, or to express a certain sentiment, you can choose the kind of flowers to be showcased during the funeral ceremony. 

Below, we outline the five most popular flowers used in funerals and what they represent.


Lilies, especially white lilies, are perhaps the most common flowers used in funeral services. They represent the innocence and purity that the departed soul receives once they leave their earthly form. It is to be noted that the white stargazer lily specifically represents sympathy.

White Poppies

While white poppies may be a little more difficult to find than red poppies, they do make the perfect funeral flowers. These flowers represent sleep, death and even consolation. They stand for the belief that it is after death that we will get the biggest consolation of everlasting life. 


Pink carnations symbolize remembrance and commemoration, while white carnations stand for innocence and love. These meaningful symbolisms make them ideal for funerals – services which are meant for commemorating your loved ones. Plus, carnations work really well with all kinds of flowers and are long-lasting.


In many European countries chrysanthemums symbolize death and are, therefore, used only in funeral services or placed on graves. In many Asian countries the flower represents grief and lamentation. However, in the U.S, they stand for truth, and white chrysanthemums specifically stand for comfort and faith, making them perfect for funeral services.


Another common funeral flower is gladioli. They represent sincerity and strength of character and are available in various colors like pink, white, yellow, orange, red, purple, green and salmon. 


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