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How To Cherish Your Loved Ones' Memories During The Holidays
Apr 02, 2018   10:35 AM
by Karen


Holidays are a joyous and wonderful time of the year when close friends and families come together in celebration. However, if you have experienced the loss of a loved one, you probably know that holidays, as happy as they are, can be a rather difficult time. The space a loved one left – whether a mother, father, sister, brother, child or anyone – is felt even more deeply during the holiday season.

However, it is possible to remember your loved ones and cherish their memories during these times without having to grieve and miss out on the holiday fun and cheer. Below, we share the different ways you can honor a loved one’s memories during the holidays:

  1. Set a place for them at the table

While this may sound simple, it is deeply meaningful for many families and friends. It signifies that although our loved ones may be physically gone, there will always be place for them and they will live on in our hearts.

  1. Make a donation in their name

A good idea is to donate money or their old clothes, basically anything that could help a special cause. It is even more special if you donate to a cause that your loved one would have strongly supported.

  1. Light a special candle for them

You can keep a beautiful, scented candle lit and place it where you can easily see it, like on the dining table or in the living room. You can light it up throughout the holiday season, but make sure to never leave the candle unattended.

  1. Make a memory blanket

A sweet gesture is to make a memory blanket. Cut out pieces of your loved one’s old clothes and make a quilted blanket out of the pieces. This helps to make you feel like they are still with you.


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How To Personalize Funeral Services In Honor Of Your Loved Ones
Mar 26, 2018   10:30 AM
by Karen


Funeral services are an important ritual that not only helps us to let go of our loved ones, but also remember them and honor their memory in the presence of all who knew them. As such, many people may like to organize a funeral that truly reflects the kind of person the deceased was and the kind of life they lived.


If you, too, would like to hold a funeral service that will honor the memory of a loved one in a special and unique way, here are some creative tips on how to personalize a funeral service.


Customize their casket or urn

You can have the casket or urn customized in such a way that it truly reflects the deceased. For example, you can decorate it with their favorite possession, or items that are representative of who they were as a person – like their career, passion or hobby. 

Use their passion as an inspiration

Think about what made your loved one most happy. What were they passionate about? In what did they invest most of their time and energy? Use this passion of theirs as a theme for the funeral. For example, if they loved volunteering and charity work, you can invite guests to make donations for a cause that was close to their heart.

Get creative with photo displays

Gather old photos that best reflect the kind of person they were, and tell their life story through these pictures. You can make a collage, hand pictures all over the service location, make wreaths out of such photos, etc.

Ask guests to share their favorite memory

A unique and sweet way to remember your loved one is to ask all the guests to write down their favorite memory with them, along with their names. This is a creative replacement for a registry as well.


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How To Let Your Funeral Wishes Known To Your Loved Ones
Mar 05, 2018   10:43 AM
by Karen


Talking about death is not the most uplifting and pleasant conversation to have, especially regarding your own death. However, when your time comes, if you would like your funeral conducted in a certain way, or have other funeral wishes you want fulfilled, it is necessary that you speak to your loved ones – often your family – about it in an open manner.

So, to make this process easier for you, here are some useful tips we would like to offer:

  • Have them all together, and be direct and open in communicating your wishes

Firstly, you have to gather everyone you want to impart your wishes to – parents, siblings, partner, children, etc – in a single room. Make sure you choose a quiet, peaceful and private room where you and the people closest to you can discuss the topic openly. When you tell them your wishes, be direct. Tell them clearly if you want to be buried or cremated, whom you want the pallbearers to be, whom you want to give the eulogy, etc.


  • Remember to reassure them that your aim is to help, not to upset

Granted this will be an emotional conversation, especially if you are in poor health and death is imminent. So make sure to reassure your loved ones that the point of having this conversation and imparting your last wishes to them is so that they can be relieved of at least some amount of stress during a rough time, and that your intention is not to upset them.


  • Include your funeral wishes in your will as well as a separate file

Without legal documentation, your family or whoever plans your funeral is not legally obliged to carry out your wishes. Remember to include your funeral wishes in your last will. If possible, write down, in a detailed manner, your funeral wishes in a separate form for more clarity.


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