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Busting The Top Funeral Planning Myths


Planning a funeral is often seen as a daunting task by many. While it may not be the most exciting project, it is not as complicated and morbid as it seems. After all, when the time comes, we are all, one day, most likely going to have to plan the funeral of a loved one. Or maybe you want to plan your own funeral in advance. 

On that note, busted are the most common myths and misconceptions about funeral planning:

  • Funerals are extremely expensive

Usually, funerals are expensive. There’s no doubt about that. Then why have we included this among our list of myths? Because funerals don’t always have to cost a fortune. They are expensive only because we follow the societal expectation of what a funeral should be – extravagant floral decorations, an expensive hearse, fancy catering and more. You don’t have to follow this template. Instead, you can make it more personal and intimate on a budget. 

  • Funerals are always religious

Not all funerals have to be religious. Depending on what your loved one prefers, or even if they don’t share their final wishes, depending on what you believe they would appreciate, a funeral can be humanist. There is no requirement for conducting a funeral at a place of worship. A funeral should be meaningful, celebrating the life of a loved one in the most appropriate way possible.

  • Pre-planning funerals is too difficult

Often, many people believe that death is too grim a subject to focus on, especially when your time has not yet come. This is why many people don’t make their final wishes known to their family. But this only leads to more confusion and disagreement during a time that is already difficult for the family. It is always better to have a healthy discussion about your final wishes with those who are likely to plan your funeral.


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