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Our Granite Guarantee


Every granite memorial, monument, marker and bench you buy from National Memorial Planning comes with a Granite Product Benefit Package.


Premium Granite

Your premium granite memorial will be made of the highest quality granite available in the United States, or internationally should you choose an imported granite color. You can be assured that your granite will not come from lower-grade, inferior veins or “seconds.” We guarantee it.


Computerized, Customized Scale Drawing of your Memorial Design

Your granite memorial will be custom-designed to your specifications, featuring virtually anything you want on your stone. Simply provide us with a photo or drawing and our artist will create your custom memorial. You will receive a computerized scale drawing of your memorial for your approval prior to any work being done on your stone.

Click here to see custom design work engraved on a monument!


Double-Engraving Process

Many of the design components on your memorial, such as flowers or religious symbols, will be double engraved (or “shape-carved”) to give it a richer, three-dimensional effect. First your stone is cut by a high-precision engraving machine. Once completed, our skilled craftsmen will finish your memorial by hand, shape-carving your designs until they achieve the desired effect.


Guaranteed Installation

Your monument will be taken to the cemetery and installed by our highly trained installation specialists. They will install it on a steel-reinforced, pre-cast, fully-cured concrete foundation, with either two, four or six piers underneath that foundation (depending on size). Pier holes are dug anywhere from 6 to 12 inches deep, depending on ground conditions in the cemetery.

Your monument installation is guaranteed. If it leans, tilts or sinks within 10 years of installation due to faulty installation, we will re-install it at no charge to you.