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What is The Final Planner, and why do I need one?

Many people have told us that this is the single, most-valuable promotional item they have received from any company. This planner helps prepare you for the time of need by providing a place to record and store vital information required for the preparation of legal documents, including the death certificate. Also, it helps with estate planning and offers useful tips on how to best plan for the future.

Individual Vital Statistics

Forms for the husband and wife to record all information that is typically required for death certificates.

Military Service History

A place to record information needed to collect VA death benefits, as well as instructions on how to collect those benefits.

Information on Children and Their Families

A place to record names, addresses and phone numbers of all your children and grandchildren.

Insurance Policy Information

A place to record details on all policies you have that pay a death benefit and instructions on how to file claims for those benefits.

Locations of Important Documents and Financial Records

A place to record a wide variety of information on important family records and their locations.

Instructions for Handling a Funeral or Memorial Service

Space to record selections of various things, including music, scripture readings and other special instructions.

Guidance on Estate Planning

Basic information all families need concerning estate planning as well as availability of free legal advice for families.

Checklist of Things to do After a Death Occurs

List of the typical steps required for family members to handle arrangements.

A Guide to Funerals from the Better Business Bureau

Information on things to consider when pre-planning a funeral, including your legal rights under various federal consumer protection laws.

Sample Form Letters

Fill-in forms for collecting various types of death benefits from employers, insurance policies, Social Security, Veterans Administration, and other organizations.


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