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How to Plan Planting a Memorial Tree?

A memorial tree is an eco-friendly way to remember your loved one. Seeing the tree grow will remind you of your loved one's presence. But you should plan the ceremony carefully so that it remains etched in the mind of the guests attending the ceremony.
You should carefully think about the following aspects before the ceremony.

The species of the plant

You can choose your loved one's favorite plant as the memorial tree. But take care to see that it suits your climate, soil and geographical location. It should be easy to nurture. It should be long-lasting. You may not be able to spend too much time on nurturing the tree. If the tree produces beautiful blooms then it is certain to give you a pleasant feeling. You can also select a plant on the basis of its symbolic meaning.

The location of the tree

Where are you going to plant the tree? Does your private garden have enough space for the tree? Is there a nature park or forest trail where it can be planted? You can also purchase a memorial tree in a memorial park. If you plant a tree in your own garden you can watch it grow and nurture it well.

Planning the memorial service

You can use the deceased's ashes in an urn to plant the tree. The urns are usually eco-friendly. The ashes can be scattered or buried under the tree. You may also include the deceased's memorabilia during the service. Read out a poem or letter written by the deceased at the service. You can also give out tokens to people attending the memorial. A personalized plaque can also be placed near the tree.


You can conduct the memorial service and tree planting yourself or contact professionals for the service.


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