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These Are The Various Funeral Merchandise Available To You


Whether you are pre-planning your own funeral, or planning the funeral of a family member or friend, one thing you will be needing is funeral merchandise. Depending on your choice of ceremony, we at National Memorial Planning, offer various kinds of funeral merchandise you can choose from. They are listed below:

  • Caskets

Caskets are one of the most common funeral merchandise used. They are available in a wide variety of materials and styles. At National Planning Memorial, we offer steel caskets, semi-precious metal caskets, wood caskets and caskets especially made for veterans. Steel caskets, as well as different kinds of wooden caskets, are some of the most common. ·

  • Cremation Urns

For people who choose to be cremated, cremations urns are a necessary merchandise. We offer various kinds of urns which can fall under two main categories – Brass Cremation Urns and Natural Quarried Marble Cremation Urns. 

Depending on your style and budget, we have plenty of designs under the two categories. For example, under brass urns, we have different models like Bronze, Platinum engraved and Copper Oak. Under marble urns, we have Evermore, Legacy and Dogwood models. 

All our cremation urns are carefully crafted with a smooth finish to be the perfect container to hold your loved ones’ ashes.

  • Monuments and Memorials

Monuments and memorials permanently commemorate the life your deceased loved one has lived. They also serve as a place where friends and family can come to pay their respects from time to time. 

At National Memorial Planning, we have a vast assortment of permanent monuments and memorials made from granite in different colors (both single and companion), and bronze (both single and companion). We can also do custom scenes, laser etchings, benches, vases as well as memorial portraits. 

With the variety of products and services we offer, you can be sure that National Planning Memorial will lift a burden by taking care of all your funeral merchandise needs with professionalism. 


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