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Top Trends In Funeral Services


Like all other industries, the funeral service industry also evolves with time. There have been some changes in the way we grieve for the loss of our loved ones, and the rituals we follow to honor their memory. If you are looking for innovative ways to say your final goodbyes, here are some of the top trends in funeral services.

  1. Personalization of services

Today, it is increasingly becoming popular to personalize funeral services so as to reflect the kind of person the deceased was. More and more people are now realizing that funeral services are valuable points of departure, and they want to make them as meaningful as possible; and they achieve this through personalization of funeral services. For example, having a theme based on deceased’s interests and passions is becoming increasingly popular.

  1. Eco-friendly funerals

Being environment-friendly is now a popular lifestyle today, and people even like to implement it in funeral practices. Some examples include opting out of embalming, or choosing to embalm with products free from formaldehyde, using recycled caskets, adopting a burial technique that would save space, not introducing balloons into the atmosphere, and more.

  1. Increase in cremations

Another trend is choosing cremation over burial. Although a larger number of people still choose burial, the number of people who opt for cremation is quickly increasing. There are many reasons that may drive this decision, most of which are to do with being more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective, or due to personal beliefs.

  1. Crowdfunding funerals

It’s no secret that funerals are expensive, yet necessary and therefore, is difficult for many people to pay for the expenses. However, many have found a way to solve this financial issue – crowdfunding. From financial donations from friends and relatives, to using a third-party platform to raise funds, crowdfunding funerals is a rising trend. Some even request others to make small contributions instead of bringing gifts and flowers.


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