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Why Personalizing Tomb Stones Can Offer You Healing When Dealing with Grief

People deal with the grief associated with death in different ways. Many funeral homes offer customized tombstones and epitaphs to friends and family of deceased individuals in an effort to lay loved ones to rest with dignity. Research has shown that personalized tombstones can be healing for loved ones left behind while coping with grief. When a tombstone portrays the personality of the individual who has passed away, reminders and memories of the individual's persona remain. This may bring back happy memories of the deceased, and a smile, even though bittersweet, to a loved one grieving.

Alleviating Grief

Personalized tombstones celebrate the deceased in more ways than one. For starters, when you add something personal to a gravestone, it tells people more about the persona of the person who has passed on. Additionally, it offers a beautiful memorial for a life led with purpose. For instance, a South African actor, Joe Mafela, was buried with a tombstone designed as a large-screen TV. This told his grievers the story of his life by viewing the tombstone. After designs are decided upon, companies like National Memorial Planning do a good job of installing customized tombstones, and ensure there is no damage. A personalized tombstone reminds grief-stricken loved ones of the legacy of the deceased.

Coping with Grief

We often try to cope with grief that arises due to the death of a relative or friend by looking at photographs from the past. When we grieve for an individual, we think about how we will survive. The grief process seems centered on the grieving, rather than concentrating on the individual who has died. A customized tombstone helps us to focus on the individual who has passed away, and his or her life and achievements. The positive aspects they may have brought into the many lives they touched will become the highlight in a griever’s mind, and grief will be a not-so-difficult experience to deal with. The technical aspects of arranging a tombstone to personalize it is done with the help of designers available for this.

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