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Write A Meaningful Epitaph to Honor Your Love And Sentiments

William Shakespeare's skull was stolen from his tomb! Who did it is still a mystery, but people believe it has something to do with the epitaph which the Bard himself wrote. The idea of the lyrics are:

"Hey, good friend,

For the sake of Jesus, don’t dig here.

Anyone who touches my bones will have a curse,

and those who don't will be blessed."

Grave robbers were a great menace during Shakespeare's times. The writer was afraid that someone will try to steal his bones. This worry prompted him to pen his epitaph, which was inscribed on his tombstone.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Epitaphs

  • The short description can be a poem or prose.
  • Many extinct cultures' language samples were found in epitaphs.
  • Greek, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations placed a lot of prominence in epitaphs.

In all its essence, an epitaph can be considered as a message from the dead to their visitors.

The WOW Epitaphs

Woodmen of the World was an American insurance company that used a unique branding technique. It gave a free gravestone and $100 to the nearest relative of the departed to put the company logo on the stone. The graves of the members of the company carry the word, 'WOW.'

Meaning Of Motifs Alongside Epitaphs

The symbols carved on the gravestones have hidden meanings.

  • A tree or a broken flower: A forced end to life.
  • Winged hourglass: Time flies.
  • Hands folded in prayer: Devotion.
  • Hand pointing down: An abrupt end to life.
  • Handshake: Couple united in death.

Expression Of Love And Commitment

Rather than a tradition, most people like to see an epitaph as a token of love and adoration for the departed soul.


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