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4 Creative and Thoughtful Alternatives To Sympathy Flowers


Giving sympathy flowers to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one is a common practice all over the world. They show that you are sorry for their loss, and care about their well-being.

However, flowers may not always be the best choice for a sympathy gift in certain situations. For instance, the sight and smell of flowers may only remind the bereaved of the loved one. In most cases it is highly likely that they will be receiving lots of flowers from others, so it's not a very practical gift. 

Below, we provide different and thoughtful alternatives to sympathy flowers you can give to those who are grieving.  

1.  Candles make great sympathy gifts for those who have lost a loved one. Not only does it help create an atmosphere of calmness and serenity, but it also invites contemplation and reflection. Scented candles can also help them relax and soothe them physically and emotionally. You can even find candles especially made as sympathy gifts with meaningful quotes inscribed on them. 

2.  Bringing comfort food for those who are mourning is a thoughtful and practical sympathy gift. In the days following the loss, they will have a lot on their plate and may not always have time to cook their food. So, whether you buy them a food box or basket, or cook something on your own. This shows that you truly care for their well-being.

3.  The main issue with sympathy flowers is that they are not long-lasting, and hence not very practical. They eventually wilt and die. A good alternative to this is a potted plant, which is much more long-lasting. Succulents are the best choice since they don’t require constant care. 

4.  Today many people make donations to a cause that was close to the deceased. For example, if the deceased actively supported a certain cause or organization, you can donate to them. Or if they died from a certain disease, you can donate to organizations related to that illness. 


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