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4 Top Funeral And Memorial Ideas For Veterans


Letting go of loved ones forever is never easy. However, funerals are also a celebration of the life that was lived. Especially for those who served in the military and made their country safe, there’s plenty to celebrate and honor.

At National Memorial Planning, we have funeral and memorial merchandise designed specifically for veterans. We have Marine Veteran caskets, Army Veteran caskets, Navy Veteran caskets, Air Force Veteran caskets and more. We also offer various designs of veteran monuments made from different materials.


There are a number of ways you can make use of such merchandises. Here are the top 4 ideas that will help you out.


  1. Honor the sacrifices they made

Veterans spend a huge part of their lives serving their country, making many sacrifices to keep their country and all the people in it safe from danger. Their devotion to their career should definitely be highlighted. Mention and display all their medals and awards, from the least significant to the most significant.


  1. Bury them in their uniform

Another respectable way of honoring all a veteran has done for the country is by burying them in their uniform. This is a personal choice though. Many prefer it as it represents how proud they were of their profession. However, you may have to plan ahead.


  1. Don’t forget the national flag

The  U.S Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) will provide a flag free of cost when a veteran is deceased. All you have to do is fill in a form which is available at post offices. Funeral directors can also help you get a flag. Usually, the flag is draped on the casket during the funeral.


  1. Celebrate their home life too

As important as it is that you highlight their career, you should not forget their life at home, too, and the kind of person they were. It is quite a task to balance a military career and personal life. So, don’t forget to remember their dedication to family.


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