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Common Questions Children Ask About Death And How To Answer Them

Death is something that even adults find difficult to process. It’s something that you can never prepare yourself for, no matter how many loved ones you have lost. If it’s so delicate and confusing even for adults, imagine how it must be for children.

It’s no wonder that children often have so many questions about death, and often, these are questions that are difficult to answer. To help you out, here are some of the most common questions that kids have about death and how to answer them.


Why do people die?

One of the most common questions is the why of it all. When a child asks you this, it is essential to be straightforward and factual without complicating things. Let them know that people die because of accidents, illnesses or because of old age. Make sure that they know their thoughts and actions have nothing to do with the person’s death.


Where do we go when we die?

The answer to this question depends on your cultural views. If you are someone who is religious or you want your children to grow up with a religious background, tell them your religion’s belief on death and the afterlife. If you are not particularly religious and you aren’t sure of the answer, there is no harm in being honest.


Will I die too?

It’s common for children to ask if they too will die. You must be honest with them, but remember to explain gently and in terms that kids will understand. Tell them that at some point, all of us will die and even though it can be difficult to understand, death is natural.


Will I see the person who died again?

The answer to this depends on your answer to the question about where we go after we die. For instance, if you are Christian, you can tell them that they will see them again when they go to heaven.


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