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Creative Activities That Can Help Kids Deal With The Loss Of A Loved One


Death of a loved one, whether a parent, a partner, a child, sibling or friend, is never an easy experience for anyone. Especially for young children who may not yet completely comprehend the meaning of loss and grief, it may be a difficult and confusing experience. However, loss and grief are both parts of our life, and we must know how to cope effectively.

For children, it may be easier for them to understand and accept their loss through tangible ways. They need a physical way to say goodbye. So, here are some creative activities to help them cope with the loss of a loved one.

Create a memory box to preserve their memory

You can help the child make a special box which will hold small objects that remind them of their loved one. Objects inside the box can include pictures, necklaces, rings, perfume bottles, watch, or any other belonging. Give them the creative freedom to decorate the box however they want to.

Encourage them to share their experiences in the form of stories

You should encourage the child to express their feelings about the loss. Since this may be difficult since they are only kids, one way to make it easier for them is to allow them to express their experiences in a story form. To grieve in a healthy manner, they should be able to adjust to their life, and for this, they need to share their feelings.

Encourage them to share their experiences in the form of letters

Another way for the child to express his or her feelings is by writing a letter to someone, talking about the deceased – how much they miss them, what they miss the most about them, and even the things they wish they could say to them.


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