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Funeral Attire Ideas For 2021

What to wear to a funeral can be a tough thing to decide. You wouldn’t want to dress inappropriately and hurt the sentiments of the grieving family. Plus, if you have lost someone close to you or an immediate family member, dressing appropriately for the funeral becomes all the more important. Here are some good funeral attire ideas for 2021.


Formal and decent black outfit

If you don’t wish to stand out of the crowd and only want to pay your respects at the funeral, we recommend dressing up in a formal and decent manner. Men can pick a simple black suit, white shirt and a black tie to wear for the funeral. Women can pick a decent black dress that is not too form-hugging or frilly. If the funeral is in winter, add layers of grey or black-colored coats to keep warm. If the funeral is in summer, go for airy fabrics that wouldn’t make you sweat.


Easy trousers for women

Women wouldn’t always be comfortable in a dress. If you are looking for an alternative, we recommend wearing a trouser in grey, beige or black color along with a black blouse. Wear medium-sized heels along with this outfit or you could even choose to wear flats. If the funeral is in winter, you can swap the black blouse with a black turtleneck and add simple gold earrings to complete your outfit.


Outfits that are not black

Funerals can be a tough place to be at and wearing all-black can be very overwhelming for some people. However, you can choose to wear other colors that are decent and appropriate for a funeral. These colors include dark blue, dark grey, light grey, dark brown or other neutral earthy shades. The idea is to not stand out of the funeral and still be appropriately dressed in a way that doesn’t offend anyone.


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