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Funeral Costs – Everything You Should Know

While dealing with the death of a loved one you also have to plan a funeral. Before getting in touch with burial planning professionals, the question on your mind is – how much is this going to cost?

According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) the median cost of such an event, with burial will cost $7,360. If you don’t take the adequate steps to prepare yourself and your family, it is common to experience financial hardship.

Given below is everything you need to know about funeral costs, along with how you can pay this type of service:

Basic services fee

When preparing for a funeral, the highest cost will be the basic services fee. You will be paying for the following:

  • Obtaining permits for funeral
  • Contacting and coordinating with a cemetery
  • Planning the funeral

On average, you will be paying $2,000 for this service. However, these fees can change depending on your state of residence.


Another expensive cost when it comes to planning a funeral is the casket. The type you choose along with the material of construction determines how much you have to spend. The price for caskets can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Preparation and transportation of remains

You need to pay the burial planning professionals for preparing the remains of the loved one.

  • The most common process is embalming if you are going to have an open-casket service.
  • If you want cosmetic preparation services, such as clothing, hairdressing, and applying makeup, the cost will go up.
  • The burial planning professionals will charge you for transporting the remains to the mortuary.

How to pay for funeral costs?

A common method is to rely on the provider to cover these costs if the deceased had life insurance. While you can opt for companies that specialize in burial insurance, it can be an expensive affair.

The best option will be to find out if the burial planning professionals have financing options available. With this strategy, you can break down the costs over several months, making it easier to pay off the amount.


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