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Green Burial VS Traditional Burial

KarenThe traditional burial is expensive and can be harmful to the environment. This has resulted in the popularity of green burial.

How is green burial different from traditional burial?

A green burial eliminates many of the harmful process involved in a traditional burial. The green burial uses fewer resources by skipping some steps involved in conventional burial. The green burial does not involve procedures like embalming. Skipping embalming prevents the use of chemicals and hastens the decomposition process. Green burials also avoid the use of concrete vaults and non-biodegradable burial containers.

Benefits of green burial.

Green burial is beneficial for the environment. It leaves behind a lesser carbon footprint. Skipping vaults, coffins and embalming can reduce funeral expenses considerably. In many cases, bodies are wrapped in sheets made of biodegradable materials like cotton. This reduces cost and helps in the decomposition of the body. The green burial can be carried out in a conservation park. Here families are given an option of planting various plants, shrubs and trees on the grave of their loved ones.

If there are no green cemeteries near your residence then you can take simple steps for the benefit of the environment. You can choose coffins made with harvested wood and organic liners instead of concrete vaults. Burial planning experts can help you to plan a green burial. A green burial gives you the satisfaction of returning to your maker without harming the environment.


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