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Helping Your Surviving Parent Cope With The Loss Of Their Partner

The item that tops any stress index is the demise of a partner. This is an inevitable life factor applicable to 50% of couples. The shock of the survivor is beyond words to describe. He or she should have the resources to master the situation in the best way possible. It is a fact that time is the best healer.

What is the best immediate soother?

The surviving partner most likely will decide to carry through life positively while cherishing the memories of the departed partner. The children can play a vital role in ensuring that their living parent moves forward in life with a pronounced purpose.

Let the parent talk

Every individual has unique ways of experiencing grief. Most people withdraw into their shells and remain silent. A knowing son or daughter will be patient to deal with their physical requirements with understanding. They can talk among themselves about the lost parent so that the survivor hears the conversation. Slowly inspire and stimulate your father or mother to talk about their partner.

Be There For The Survivor Emotionally And Physically

Nobody can replace a missing spouse, but you have the same blood. Provide physical assistance in cleaning the house, shopping, or taking out the car to the garage. Most importantly, find ways to spend quality time together. Bring the grandchildren along when you visit.

Don't let your mom or dad suppress their feelings. You, too, are going through a sea of sentiments. Face up to those emotions together.

Learn About Sorrow

To be caring for your parent, educate yourself regarding the agony of loss. This will enable you to detect reactions from your parent, which stemmed from grief easily. There are several grief reactions:

  • Finding comfort with solitude.
  • Circumventing people and situations.
  • Difficulty in making simple decisions.
  • Occasional sighing.
  • Temporary loss of memory.
  • Craving to be in the company of the departed partner.

For sure, the best thing you can do for your parent is simply to be present and available.


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