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Here’s What You Need to Know About Mausoleum Burial

A mausoleum burial is a great alternative to the usual underground burial for those who can afford the additional costs. Put simply- a mausoleum is a tomb or chamber that has been built specifically for the purpose of laying one or more people to rest.

Two main types of mausoleums

  • Public mausoleums

A public mausoleum is a large building that has been built to house the remains of many people. They are kept dry and clean at all times and are extremely well-maintained. Family members and friends are free to visit, and it offers a convenient and dignified way to be remembered after death.

  • Private mausoleums

A private mausoleum is a mausoleum that is built only for you and your family, so it houses the remains of only family members. This above-ground burial option allows easy and private access for family members and friends who may be grieving. Usually, the remains are placed inside a casket, which is then placed inside the mausoleum. It is usually the final resting place for members of your family.

Benefits of a mausoleum burial

Today, a mausoleum burial is a great option, especially in highly-populated urban areas where there is very little land for new burial plots. Apart from this, here are some other benefits of this above-ground burial option.

  • It allows you to visit your loved ones in private.

You are free to visit your loved ones when you miss them and wish to be closer to them. Unlike cemeteries, you are free to visit in a private and secured area where you are free to grieve as you want.

  • It is safe and secure.

A mausoleum protects the remains of your loved ones and keeps it safe regardless of the weather or any other kind of external risks.


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