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How to Teach Funeral Etiquette to Children

Most parents are overprotective when it comes to bringing their children to terms with the idea of death. But that doesn’t mean that children should be left out of the last rites of a beloved family member and be expected to learn to handle their emotions on their own as they grow older. 

It is crucial that parents educate their children about the concept of death at an early age. Teaching them gradually about the physical and emotional aspects of death will enable them to handle their grief better, even as adults later in life. It also makes them feel involved and responsible.

When attending a funeral service, the child must know the etiquette that he or she is expected to follow. Teaching a child to be respectful at a funeral is very important, not just for that particular day but also for molding the child’s personality as an empathetic individual.

Talk to your child about what to expect at a funeral. If your child has never been to one, he or she may not know what exactly happens at a funeral service. It is essential that children know who will be in attendance and what events will be held during the service. Taking them to a funeral without any prior knowledge may be a little overwhelming for children.

Once they know what to expect, discuss what is expected of them at the funeral. Tell them how they're supposed to dress for it and how they're meant to behave. Tell them that they should not be loud while talking and shouldn't run around the place. Teach them to be respectful to the deceased and the family as well.

More importantly, set an example for your children by showing them how to behave appropriately since children learn better by following your lead rather than instructions.

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