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How to Write a Eulogy for a Friend?

If you are reading this, you might have gotten the call-a call that almost everyone gets someday but no one wants-a call that informs you that your friend is no longer with you. And while you are dealing with the grief and processing the loss, the family members ask you to give a eulogy. It is a difficult process that requires you to use your grief to write the perfect goodbye for your friend. If you are in a similar situation and have to write a eulogy from a friend, here are a few tips that will make it slightly easier:

  •  Understand what a eulogy is

The first step is to understand that a eulogy is not an obituary. It is lengthy, personal, and conversational. It is often associated with posthumous honor and grief. You are giving the speech to give a tribute to your friend. It should be a celebratory homage that includes proud moments and highlights happy memories.

  • Remember the memories

You already know everything that you need to write the eulogy. All you have to do is recall them. Some of those memories will make you cry, while others will make you happy. Select the ones that are closest to your heart. You can even reach out to other friends and talk to family members to get more inspiration.

  • Organize the information and start writing

Create a basic outline including introduction, body, and conclusion. Don’t try to make it perfect. Write from your heart while thinking of your friend. Don’t focus too much on the facts. Instead, tell stories that capture your friend’s best qualities.

  • Keep it simple, honest, positive, and memorable

Remember that you shouldn’t point out the negative traits of your friend. A eulogy should always be positive. Keep it brief, specific, and thoughtful. You can add a bit of humor, but ensure that it is classy and appropriate for the moment.

Once you have written the eulogy, you should read it out loud and rehearse it a couple of times to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed. Lastly, pat yourself on the back for writing an emotionally-demanding eulogy for your friend who meant so much to you.


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