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Is It Okay for children to Attend Funerals?

Today, parents want to shield their children and offer protection from the world. This might include boredom, losing, suffering the consequences of their own actions, and also rituals of life and death such as funerals. Many parents think that children should not be allowed to attend funerals as they believe it is simply too much for them to handle. As such, youngsters are often barred from funerals of their dear ones, even if they express their wish to be present.

It is true that funerals can indeed be confusing and harrowing for children, especially if it is not planned properly or the child is not given an explanation of what exactly is going on. However, it is also true that when done right, funerals can be an important experience for kids, helping them understand death as a concept and thus allowing them to mourn properly.

Here are a few things that adults must keep in mind when it comes to kids and funerals:

  • Explain carefully what a funeral is to the child

First, it’s important that the child knows the purpose of a funeral. Tell them what to expect, what rituals are involved, and how people may react. Once they understand funerals as a concept, it becomes easier for them to decide if they want to be a part of them.

  • Make the child decide for themselves

This is the most important part. Adults must allow kids to choose for themselves. Once you carefully explain to them everything they should expect, leave it up to the child to decide if they want to attend a funeral or not.

  • Funerals offer a chance to say goodbye

It’s important to realize that funerals can be therapeutic for people who have lost a loved one since they offer a physical, tangible point of farewell. This allows you to mourn in a healthy manner.


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