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Companion Bronze Memorials

  • GB-39V1CastleRose
    Allison Memorial, GB-39 Castle Rose
  • GB-65V1Ivy
    Bowers Memorial, GB-65 Ivy
  • PM-8V1Simplicity
    Huston Memorial, PM-8 Simplicity
  • GB-45V1AbbeyRose new
    Johnson Memorial, GB-45 Abbey Rose
  • vet3v1
    Martin VA Matching Memorial, Vet-3 with Vase
  • Vet3
    Martin VA Matching Memorial, Vet-3 without Vase
  • GB-107V1ArcofTribute
    Maxfield Memorial, GB-107 Arc of Tribute
  • GB-33V1LilyoftheValley
    Miller Memorial, GB-33 Lily of the Valley
  • GB-53V1Magnolia
    Sanborn Memorial, GB-53 Magnolia
  • GB-61V1MapleLeaf
    Theisen Memorial, GB-61 Maple Leaf
  • GB-85V1Gothic
    Williams Memorial, GB-85 Gothic
  • GB-47V1Dogwood
    Young Memorial, GB-47 Dogwood