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Customizing Your Monument


The following images depict how we can customize your monument based on designs you choose. It starts with three images provided by a customer who wanted their own artwork engraved on their monument. We took their images and created “emblem files” in our monument design software, which enabled us to engrave the designs. When we finished their design work, we sent a computerized scale drawing to our customer for their approval. Our final picture shows their completed and installed monument, with the custom emblems we created for our customer.


  • 16447whiddon-1
    Customer-provided Drawing 1
  • 16447whiddon-2
    Customer-provided Drawing 2
  • 16447WHIDDON-3
    Customer-provided Drawing 3
  • 16447whiddon-ver
    Computerized Scale Drawing for Approval
  • WHIDDON 2 16447
    Finished and Installed Monument