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National Memorial Planning - Homepage

Our Installation Process

  • install01
    Locate grave.
  • install02
    Stake installation location.
  • install03
    Prepare foundation area.
  • install04
    Excavate foundation area.
  • install05
    Check measurements.
  • install07
    Dig pier holes.
  • install08
    Remove excavated dirt.
  • install10
    Fill pier holes with Sakrete.
  • install11
    Smooth Sakrete over foundation base.
  • install12
    Install pre-fab, steel-reinforced concrete slab.
  • install13
    Level foundation slab.
  • install14
    Install granite base.
  • install15
    Level granite base.
  • install16
    Install granite die on base.
  • install17
    Position die on base. Check measurements.
  • install18
    Seal space between die and base.
  • install19
    Check positioning.
  • install20
    Leave job site clean.