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Remain Immortal Through End-Of-Life Applications


It is a tough - yet, one of the most important - tasks for a family member to plan their end of life. After the demise of a loved one, they can still be immortal through end-of-life planning. It may be sharing stories and life experiences, discussing things previously unspoken, and spending their last days in comfort and dignity. Also, proper planning for the end-of-life may include preparing wills, funerals, advance care directives, and even just helping them consider their legacy.

Applications allow easy and authorized access to your data after death. Here are some reliable end-of-life applications:

Cake allows you to share your end-of-life wishes. Based on the answers to the questionnaire each user profile may be categorized as legacy, legal/financial, health, and funeral. Each category is accompanied by action steps to carry out those wishes.

You can digitize your voice and thoughts in a legal advance care plan, including your health information and end-of-life plans. The information is secure in the cloud and accessible 24/7 anytime anywhere. This allows the doctors to access the patient’s vital information right from his iPhone lock screen.

It is a digital vault for your loved ones, an archive of everything they will need after your death. You can securely store wills, passwords, funeral wishes and more in the sharable vault. Share what you have done, complete your personalized to-do list, upload everything to the vault, and share your plan with your deputies.

This app is a legacy management service. You can store your life stories in the form of meaningful digital content and deliver it in the form of personalized messages accessible by your loved ones in the future.

Applications and websites like these may be great complements to the end-of-life hospice care resources that can be found. Plan your end-of-life with these apps and live forever with your loved ones.


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